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The Answer for Manufacturers' Minimum Advertised Price Policies


Spyderco MantraWhat? No Prices? What's up?

Affordable knives specializes in selling products with manufacturers' minimum advertised price policies (MAP). Since we can be profitable at lower prices than MAP, we don't advertise our prices and we don't sell the products on the internet. That allows us to honor the price policies and still give you great products on some great knives. All you need to do is give us a call at (877) 567-2616 and we will quote you our price and take your order.

The product line includes many outstanding products. The brands are listed at left. The knife pictured here is the new Spyderco Mantra folder with an M4 tool steel blade, titanium handle and frame lock. You can get the details on the new Spyderco Mantra here.

brous blades VR-71The VR-71 is one of many products from the design desk of Jason Brous. High end quality and materials make it one of the best knives in the industry with a blackwashed D2 tool steel blade and titanium handle. Click to order a Brous 94 VR-71 folder for yourself.


Real Steel 5112The Real Steel E77 is a very affordable import with great design for a terrific every day carry. The steel drop point blade has a bit of recurve to the profile and a flipper. A G-10 handle completes this practical liner lock. Check out the Real Steel E77 folder by clicking here.


Medford 31 DeploymentMedford Knives are hard to find. There aren't many made and they are generally snapped up as soon as they become available. If you are looking for something truly special in a tactical knife like the Deployment folder pictured here, Medford could be the answer. When you call for a price, we will check availability for you. Review the Medford knives here.

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